Mamas & Papas Sola Stroller Review


There’s no denying that a good stroller should be at the top of every expectant parent’s baby essentials list. Choosing the right stroller for your family can be very overwhelming, so let me give you a little insight into one stroller that should absolutely be on your radar!

The Sola by Mamas & Papas is by far a superior stroller when compared to others currently on the market, and at $399 it’s still very affordable. Good for birth to 50lbs, the Sola also features a multi-positional seat that makes it stand out from other strollers. Since our son is only 5 months, it’s comforting to be able to flip the seat and allow him to face us. And it’s as simple as pushing a button on each side of the seat to release and move it.

The basket at the bottom of the stroller is spacious enough for a diaper bag – or 3 gallons of baby water, a pack of 36 flushable gdiaper inserts, a box of diaper liners and a new wubbanub (not that I would know that personally).

(Please note that you should pull the fabric down over the foot rest before taking photos)
We received the denim fabric and I have to say I LOVE it! When I heard “denim” I really didn’t know what to expect, but it’s beautiful. The inner lining is made up of bright, colorful stripes and Lincoln will spend the entire ride playing with it. The straps have matching fabric covers that are super soft and comfortable for baby and a 5 point safety harness will put your mind at ease.
Another thing I love about the Sola is how light weight and compact it is for a full sized stroller. It weighs in at 22lbs and doesn’t take up my entire trunk! The Sola also stands on it’s own when folded for easy storage. I know we had trouble with our last stroller finding a place to lean it so it wouldn’t fall over!

The Sola comes in 4 fabric choices and can be purchased online at BabiesRUs and FAO Schwarz.
This stroller gets 4 out of 5 stars from this mama!
By the way, aren’t you loving those adorable chevron Little Hip Squeaks pants??
I received a sample from Mamas & Papas for review. All words and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


6 thoughts on “Mamas & Papas Sola Stroller Review

  1. THanks for this review! Your baby is adorable! I m thinking to buy the denim for mi son Ben, he`s now 6 months…do you think is better to buy an umbrella stroller instead? Do you still use this pram for your son now? many thanks!

    • I have several strollers, including an umbrella stroller. I really love this one the best. It’s super light weight and I feel more comfortable with my small child in it. I love the umbrella stroller but it only straps in around the waist, this one goes over the chest and waist. I really love it!

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